A (Postponed) Tour Diary

With the support of Unlimited and Creative Scotland, I was due to take my one-woman poetry show Within Sight on a tour around theatres in Scotland this Spring. Shortly after we began the tour, however, things were called to a halt by the outbreak of Covid-19.

It’s a show about the Paralympics, running, and ableism, and much like the Paralympics itself, we are now hoping to reschedule the tour for 2021. It’s hard not to wonder what the world might look like in a year’s time in light of the pandemic, particularly in relation to issues of ableism.

This crisis has held up a mirror to societal inequalities of all kinds, and it feels as though the daily outpouring of news has been punctuated with ableist attitudes and callous treatment of the disabled. By the time Within Sight returns to a stage, will its audiences have gained a new perspective on ableism and the social model?

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