What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked

This contemporary re-imagining of an Ancient Greek myth, told in the languages of poetry, music, and dance, is a story about consequences and their potentially immeasurable reach.

Athena doesn’t understand how powerful she truly is, and Tiresias doesn’t understand how his actions might affect others. One brief moment that passes between the two characters blows both these truths open. What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked retells the Ancient Greek myth with contemporary relevance, exploring issues around consent, disability, and gender expectations.

The film, directed by Douglas Tyrrell Bunge, weaves poetry with an atmospheric soundtrack from Lord of the Isles, and the work of dancers Anu Walters and Douglas Reddan, to create a dynamic account of two young people bound together by their shame, and their mistakes.

What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked was commissioned and supported by Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists, with funding from Creative Scotland. The film had a preview showing at The British Museum’s Hidden/Revealed event, and was premiered on Glasgow Tramway’s Tramway TV channel in February 2021.

Film Poster for “What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked”: The film’s title in thin font, above abstract, hand drawn recreations of scenes from the film

Film Poster, designed by Ruaridh Litster-Campbell