And Who’s She When She’s At Home?

And Who’s She When She’s At Home? is a collaborative multimedia poetry installation based on themes of heritage, home, and class, created with visual artist Megan Rudden. Stemming from various family history discoveries and layers of coincidence within them, personal stories are combined with stories from previous generations to create a living and breathing record of history with contemporary relevance. The first stage of this project, supported by an Unlimited Research and Development […]

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AISLE is an animated film poem with a vocal soundscape, which explores the disabled experience of lockdown. Set in a supermarket, the film asks its audience to consider everyday acts of ableism. AISLE was created with support from Creative Scotland, Unlimited, BBC Arts, and The Space, as part of the Culture in Quarantine strand on BBC iPlayer.

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What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked

This contemporary re-imagining of an Ancient Greek myth, told in the languages of poetry, music, and dance, is a story about consequences and their potentially immeasurable reach. Athena doesn’t understand how powerful she truly is, and Tiresias doesn’t understand how his actions might affect others. One brief moment that passes between the two characters blows both these truths open. What Athena Saw When Tiresias Looked retells the Ancient Greek myth with contemporary […]

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Coulter’s Candy

Spot on Shorts is a digital storytelling series produced by The Space and Lancashire Libraries, designed to offer some brief respite from the news, or stress of lockdown. Coulter’s Candy is a story about four strong women who in some way, can teach us about the world. Taking a 19th century sweet-selling jingle as a starting point, learn about Mum, Ruby, Han Lou, and Granny.  

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Parts of the Day

A collaboration created in isolation, Parts of the Day explores the feelings of confusion and listlessness experienced in the early stages of lockdown.

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