A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time is a four-piece, narrative-driven, existentially devastating spoken word show, crammed with energy, poignancy, and time travel. It takes you through a lifetime- and then a life again, as the protagonist is thrust back in time to revisit every mistake made and every euphoric moment lived through. Four different voices represent the four different ages we see them experience. First in a linear order, but them, as we return […]

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Within Sight

Within Sight is a narrative, one-woman poetry performance about running, the Paralympics, and societal attitudes towards disabled people. The show combines poetry, physical movement, and multimedia elements to create a story that has notes of humour, tenderness, pain, and sincerity. Within Sight follows its protagonist, who has albinism, as she goes out for a run in an attempt to clear her head after receiving some bad news: she had been training to […]

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